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Hello, Have We Met? I’m FAT

What the hell? I was going along in the months of November and December. Minding my own business, doing perfectly fine on my diet and exercise program (post-Ironman failure) and feeling pretty good about how I was making it through the Eating Season: Thanksgiving, my birthday, office holiday parties, Christmas dinner(s), New Year’s revelry. I was enjoying gift bottles of wine, gift boxes of fudge, gift platters of homemade cookies, gift cans of vanilla creme almonds (my friends are obviously master saboteurs). It was all very pleasant and glorious and delightful when suddenly – out of NOWHERE – I somehow gained 8 pounds! Eight freakin’ pounds!!

It’s not fair. Not fair, I say!

So here I am. A new year. Newly fat. And ready to put my foot firmly down on this nonsense. This is the plan of attack I’ve come up with to carry me through the next five weeks; unfortunately, shortbread cookies and cheese wheels do not factor into the equation:


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