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Fifty, Schmifty

Well, I’m going to do it. Go ahead and turn 50 this week. I mean, what choice do I have? I’m still not sure how I feel about it but I suppose it’s better than the alternative. A quick Google of “50th Birthday Gift Ideas” comes back with an uninspiring list of things that 50 year olds supposedly want. Some of the suggestions:

  • Thai lemongrass soap with cocoa butter
  • Billboard Top Hits from 1962 CD collection
  • 50th Birthday funny T-shirt
  • Brazilian espresso scrub soap with coffee butter and vanilla
  •  “Really Cool 50-Year-Old” T-shirt
  • Natural goat and organic coconut milk soap
  • “50 and still screwin” corkscrew
  • Personalized 50th birthday picture frame
  • “Lawrence of Arabia” collector’s edition
  • A book: “What You Don’t Know About Turning 50”
  • Custom photo blanket

That list BLOWS! And what’s with all the soap – do 50-year-olds smell or something?

Anyway, my list looks more like this:

  • $2,700 Zipp 808 Firecrest carbon clincher wheelset for my tri bike
  • A 4.5-hour marathon finish time
  • Ironman Florida finisher medal (my husband says I can buy one on eBay for $20)
  • A Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS heart rate monitor
  • The superhuman ability to do at least five pull ups
  • Six months of deep tissue sports massage
  • Entry into the New York Marathon
  • V02 max analysis
  • Pair of K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light running shoes
  • A pedicure (because my feet get funky after a year of training)
  • A couple jugs of Tide 2X Ultra Febreze Sport Active laundry detergent (okay, because sometimes I do smell)

8 comments to Fifty, Schmifty

  • Hilarious!
    K-Swiss running shoes?
    Happy Birthday!

  • Love your sense of humor and your second list! Much better than the first. Also really like your “made in 1962″ stamp graphic – great fun!

    Hope your birthday is great and filled with all of the things you’d really like to have :)

  • Crissy

    Happy Birthday!! I hope it’s wonderful! Here are some suggestions for your list…

    1.) Look at Boyd Race Wheels…half the price and most of the fast guys on my TRI team like them better (I’m not fast enough, nor do I do long enough races to qualify for “race” wheels!).

    3.) You will totally EARN your IMFL medal this year! About 15 people in my TRI team are doing it this year and I’m planning to volunteer with my Stand Up Paddle Board on the swim course, so I’ll be sure to send you lots of good juju on race day!

    4.) If you get the Garmin 910, get the one without a Heart Rate monitor and then spend $99 on the Cyclops Power Strap. It gives you heart rate and power. It’s obviously not as accurate on power as an actual crank, but the guys that have both say the power strap is only off by about 10%…not bad for $99!!

    11.) Skip the expensive laundry detergent and just use vinegar in your wash. If you have a top loader put vinegar in your downy ball and throw it in the wash. If you have a front loader, put it in your fabric softner area. NO, you clothes will not smell like vinegar, but it does keep your workout clothes from getting funky over time!

  • Zilla

    Ha! You’re old. I can’t believe how old you are… really. In the occasional, partially obstructed pictures you post of yourself, I think… hmmm, not bad. But, man… 50. That’s like grandma old.

    “Hello, Mrs. Boonechaitea, I’m with the Save A Hip Foundation. We would like you to stop running, please. A concerned citizen contacted us and mentioned that you may be abusing and/or neglecting a hip or two. While we have no arrest authority, we will point and laugh at you every time we see you hobble/run down the street. Give it up, give that pathetic, dodgy hip a break, and we’ll just disappear. Do the right thing, Gigantor.”

    • dmboonchai

      Yeah, like Shakira says, “My hips don’t lie.” Only diff is that Shakira’s hips say, “Yo, dudes! Come git summa dis!” My hips are more like, “Oy. With the creaking and the aching. Ben Gay, come to mama.”

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